Applied General Equilibrium Modelling
GLOBE and STAGE Models

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The Site

This site provides access to technical documentation and (GAMS) code for a range on applied general equilibrium models and associated code for data handling, miscellaneous teaching materials and working papers.

All the teaching materials provided on this site are provided free of charge for academic and training purposes: we appreciate  feedback.

All the codes for the STAGE and GLOBE models are open source subject to the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA (Attribution - Non Commercial - Share Alike) licence, i.e., free of charge for academic use.

It is hoped, however unrealistically, that those who use these codes for material gain, through consultancy and/or contract research, will make a contribution of 1.0% of gross staff costs from the project to Oxfam.

PLEASE read Conditions of Use carefully before using any of this material.

The site is maintained by Scott McDonald, Karen Thierfelder and Terrie Walmsley If you have any qu eries please email us.

The Models

The two suites of models available from this site are descendants of the models associated with the work of Dervis, de Melo and Robinson (1982). More specifically both suites of models are developments of the US Dept of Agriculture’s single country CGE model from 1990 (Robinson, et al., 1990; Kilkenny, 1991).

GLOBE is a suite of global/multi region CGE models calibrated using data from the GTAP database. While these models use the GTAP database they include a series of different behavioural assumptions in comparison to the GTAP model and use a transformation of the standard GTAP Social Accounting Matrix (SAM).

STAGE is a suite of single country CGE models that require a country specific CGE model for its calibration.

The codes made publicly available are for ‘standard’ variants of each model suite. These versions are robust (relatively) formulations. We are confident that persons with substantial GAMS experience can easily use these models.

Technical documentation for variants of the models is also provided.


  1. The GLOBE short course for 2013 is open to recruit participants. LINK.


All the code provided via this web site is done so under the creative Commons BY-NC-SA (Attribution - Non Commercial - Share Alike) licence. (See ).  If you want to use the code for commercial use you need to contact the authors.