Applied General Equilibrium Modelling GLOBE, STAGE and R23 Models

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GTAP Data in Social Accounting Matrix Formats

  1. GTAP in a SAM’ was developed to enhance the accessibility of the GTAP database by presenting the GTAP database in a Social Accounting Matrix (SAM) format. It was initially developed for use with GTAP v5 and the method was made public as a GTAP technical paper (#22) that also documented use with GTAP v6. The method and code were developed using GAMS and subsequently a GEMPACK version was developed and used, since GTAP v7, in the GTAPAgg programme that is used to distribute the GTAP databases. The codes provided here work with GTAP v5 to GTAP v9 and convert the entire GTAP database to GDX .


All the download for code are made available a GAMS User Libraries

Technical Paper